Electronic Ignition Lighter Maintenance

  • Keep lighters clean from any type of dust (i.e., falling ashes from cigars and cigarettes, and dust from pockets when lighters are kept in your pockets). Use lighter covers to prevent dust from penetrating into the lighter. Over 90% of returned lighters are serviced simply by blowing off excessive dirt and dust inside a lighter using compressed air (or blowing).
  • If necessary, blow off any excessive dirt and dust from the sparker area using compressed air. Compressed air canisters can be easily purchased from any local hardware or office supply store.
  • Electronic Piezo lighters have sensitive ignition mechanisms that require delicate handling of the ignition switch. Do not flick or press ignition switches like a fluid flint lighter at a fast pace. Operate the push-down ignition switch slowly and gently. The lighter ignition system has a split-second delayed reaction time. Fast ignition usually results in misfiring, whereas a slow and gentle ignition method ensures perfect ignition every time.
  • Simply keeping a lighter free of dirt and dust, and refilling on a regular basis will lengthen the longevity of the lighter.
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