VaporBuddy Knockoff

The VaporBuddy is a knockoff imitation of the VaporGenie.


The VaporBuddy contains dangerous amounts of Lead! 



The Vapor Buddy is contaminated with hazardous lead paint!

The paint on the VaporBuddy contains lead. We recently had the paint from the VaporBuddy tested at a certified laboratory and the lead content was found to be 7500 mg/kg. This level is not safe for consumer products and vastly exceeds the federal limit of 600 mg/kg. The laboratory results are provided below.

The VaporGenie absolutely does not contain lead or any other toxic materials.

The VaporBuddy typically has paint inside the pipe, so if you are using the VaporBuddy, you are vaporizing lead paint.

vaporbuddy_paint_02.jpg vaporbuddy_paint_01.jpg  

Test Results:

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    thank you for the blog about the fake vapor genie products

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