Basic VG Cleaning Instructions

The VaporGenie produces very little tar when used properly, so it only needs cleaning occasionally. The screen can be removed for cleaning by rotating it with a needle so that it "unscrews" via the threaded bowl, or by simply pulling it out with tweezers. This will reveal the wire coil that holds up the screen. The wire coil can be removed by pulling with pliers. The screen and wire coil can be cleaned by wiping or soaking in alcohol. The steel bowl can be cleaned with an alcohol swab. Do not get alcohol on the wood because this can damage the finish.

The bottom pipe portion and mouthpiece can be cleaned with a pipe cleaner. First, pull out the mouthpiece. Pull a pipecleaner through the mouthpiece to clean it. Similarly, the pipe can be cleaned by running a pipecleaner through it. Insert the pipecleaner into the mouthpiece end, and pull it from the steel bowl with tweezers or pliers. We recommend using two pipecleaners side-by-side so that the pipe hole gets a good scrub.

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