Classic or Aluminum Pipe VG Pipes User Guide

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vgdiagram 350x350 classic diagram 350
Hot flame and cool air are drawn in the ceramic filter. The ceramic filter mixes the hot flame and the ambient cooler air creating a warm air stream (300-400 degrees Fahrenheit) that flows through and vaporizers your aromatherapy blend.  

Using the VaporGenie is easy, just follow these steps:

  1. Unscrew the spherical top from the bowl.
  2. Lightly pack the bowl with shredded smoking blend. Shredded smoking blend has a high surface area that aids the vaporization process. Vaporization works best when the heated air can reach all surfaces of the blend.
  3. Screw top back onto pipe. Do not screw tightly, a perfect air seal is not necessary.
  4. Inhale slowly and constantly through the mouthpiece while supplying flame to the filter sphere. One draw should be about 6-8 seconds long. It is important to inhale constantly. Hold the lighter so that 1/4 – 1/2 of the flame is drawn down inside the top.

Flavor and mouth sensations indicate the temperature within the pipe. Pay close attention to these sensations, and regulate the temperature by adjusting the flame size or inhalation speed.



 This flame position is far too deep. The entire flame is in the hole, and the flame is touching the ceramic filter and depositing soot. This creates bad flavors and dirty vapor. It will also eventually clog the ceramic filter with soot. This is also too deep. The flame is still touching the ceramic filter. Make sure the yellow part of the flame is outside the filter hole. This is the correct position for the flame. The proper position for the flame is to have only the tip of the flame enter the filter hole. Most of the bright yellow portion of the flame should be outside the hole, as shown here.
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